Person applys mulch over a plant

Help your plants beat the heat

As you find ways to keep cool during the triple digit heat, we have tips to help your plants beat the heat during this heat wave and in the coming summer months.

Apply mulch

Applying a 2-4 inch layer of wood chips or other organic material to the top of the soil will greatly reduce water loss through evaporation, keep roots cooler and suppress weeds.

Water deeply

Apply water slowly so that it penetrates deep into the soil. If runoff is a problem, run short applications of water, let the water soak in and repeat. 

Be water wise

Check your irrigation system for any leaks or overspray. Look into converting to low-flow heads or drip irrigation. Irrigate in the evening and early morning to prevent water loss to evaporation. 

Remember to water shade trees

Even if you stop watering your lawn, continue irrigating your shade trees to keep them healthy. Trees can be affected by temporary water stress for years to come. Learn more about watering trees to keep them healthy.

Consider replacing the thirstiest plants

Find low water plants selected by our experts to thrive in our changing climates, including withstanding heat events, in our Future Favorites plant list. Plan to plant in fall to take advantage of fall and winter rains and cooler temperatures to help plants get established.

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