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Alligator Juniper | Juniperus deppeana

Scientific Name

Juniperus deppeana

Common Name

Alligator Juniper, Checkerbark Juniper

Photo of Juniperus deppeana.

Photo: M.Ritter and J. Reimer courtesy of SelecTree

Tree Description

Juniperus deppeana, alligator juniper, is a medium-sized evergreen tree with blue-green foliage and striking bark that resembles alligator scales. It is sometimes multistemmed and grows at a fast rate. It is highly adaptable and tolerant of dry, sunny, hot locations.

Tree Size
Height at Maturity
Width at Maturity
Growth Rate
24 inches/year
Foliage Type
Sun Exposure
Water Needs
Low Water
Potential Issues

Susceptible to Aphids, Beetle Borers and Spider Mites, Armillaria, Root Rot and Rust.

Average performance rating from pre-trial survey of experts
Field Trial Monitoring Results
Good potential utility as an urban tree based on evaluation of 10 trees, healthy crown, 100% survival, moderate growth rate. No signs of pests or diseases found. Juvenile growth in field trial plantings is prickly, trees need pruning to develop a single trunk.
Propagation Results

High rates of germination with 48 hour warm soak and nicking with knife or nail clippers then 3 month cold stratification in light medium in refrigerator. Seedlings are fast growing and sometimes multi-stemmed.

Additional Images
Photo of Juniperus deppeana.

Photo: M.Ritter and J.Reimer courtesy of SelecTree