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Carolina Basswood | Tilia americana var. caroliniana

Scientific Name

Tilia americana var. caroliniana

Common Name

Carolina Basswood

Tree Description

Tilia americana var. caroliniana, Carolina basswood, is a medium-sized, deciduous tree with medium water requirements. Carolina basswood has fragrant, yellow to white drooping flowers stalks. It is the southern most basswood.

Tree Size
Height at Maturity
Width at Maturity
Growth Rate
Foliage Type
Sun Exposure
Water Needs
Medium Water
Potential Issues

Easily damaged by fire, butt rot.

Propagation Results

We got no germination with 90 day cold stratification in peat in plastic bag in refrigerator. According to Jill Nokes, there is no known consistently successful treatment. Future trials would include fall sowing outside.

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