Bald Cypress | Taxodium distichum

Scientific Name

Taxodium distichum

Common Name

Bald Cypress

Photo of Taxodium distichum.
Tree Description

Taxodium distichum, bald cypress, is a large, deciduous conifer with heat tolerance and flexible water requirements. The bald cypress has brilliant yellow fall color and is adapted to a wide variety of environments.

Tree Size
Height at Maturity
Width at Maturity
Growth Rate
12-36 inches/year
Foliage Type
Sun Exposure
Water Needs
Medium Water
Potential Issues

Twig blight, spider mite, gall forming mite, and cypress moths

Field Trial Monitoring Results

Good potential utility as an urban tree based on evaluation of 6 trees, healthy crown, 100% survival, moderate growth rate. No signs of pests or diseases found. Roots quickly became rootbound. These trees were difficult to keep irrigated, individuals planted in an over-irrigated site with poor drainage have thrived. Trees have attractive orange fall color.

Propagation Results

We trialed 120 day cold stratification in moist peat in plastic bag in refrigerator as well as giving fresh seed a hot water soak and a 45 day cold stratification in moist peat in plastic bag in refrigerator. Both had similarly mediocre germination rates. The seedlings are fast-growing.

Additional Images
Photo of Taxodium distichum habitat.