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Image of Lion Dancer at Arboretum Ambassador-led event on Wyatt Deck.

Arboretum Ambassadors

Arboretum Ambassadors

The UC Davis Arboretum Ambassador program seeks to empower youth leaders to become effective advocates for the environment through public outreach, cultural and environmental programming as well as conservation education.

The program provides undergraduates interested in environmental education with professional opportunities to learn about issues facing California’s environment, develop leadership skills and apply classroom learning to real-world experiences.

Quarters: Year Long — Fall through Spring
Schedule: Ambassador Interns attend weekly meetings as well as 5-6 events per quarter either during the evenings or weekends
Units: 1-3 units


Staff Mentor

Image of Melissa Cruz Hernandez.

Melissa Cruz Hernandez
Outreach and Leadership Program Manager




Student interns and employees lead outdoor outreach and educational programs