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Habitat Horticulture

Habitat Horticulture

This team engages students in hands-on learning and community outreach as we transform our landscapes into urban habitat. We focus on climate-ready landscapes that support biodiversity, with an emphasis on plant-pollinator interactions. This team’s work is centered in the habitat gardens of the Environmental GATEway, located at the west end of the Arboretum and Public Garden. Students will use this area as a living laboratory with collections that include the hummingbird garden, the insect pollinator gardens, the native meadow basin, and the large-scale stormwater management system. 

Staff Mentor

Image of Rachel DavisRachel Davis  |  Email
GATEways Horticulturist

Interns will get an introduction to plant and local pollinator identification, garden maintenance, landscape design, and species monitoring. Learning how to identify native and climate-ready plant species, along with the ecosystem services they provide will be heavily emphasized. Interns will actively participate in public outreach events and communicate the importance of habitat horticulture. 

Quarters: Fall through Spring
Schedule: 3 hours/week commitment for the entire school year
Units: 1 unit/quarter



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