Image of students leading bird banding event in the UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve.

Use Forms

Use Forms

The Putah Creek Riparian Reserve requires use forms prior to using the Reserve for research, teaching and class use, or organized public use, such as group clean-ups or habitat restoration events.

These forms allow Reserve staff to track the quantity and location of individual projects. This prevents researchers and classes from overlapping in their use of the Reserve; helping prevent disturbance to research sites. The information provided on the forms also allows Reserve staff to coordinate management of the Reserve with proposed teaching, research, and other activities.

Prior to filling out a Use Form, please contact the Reserve Manager to discuss your proposed use of the Reserve. The Manager can help you find an appropriate location for your research, advise you of any potential restrictions due to site management, and any assistance that Reserve staff may be able to provide in the field.

Download the Use Forms